About Us

The International Television and Motion Picture Association works to promote collaboration in the international arena towards the global health of the entertainment industries.

The ITMPA works to address the threat of piracy by working with content owners to ensure that programs are only available through legal and legitimate sources. Illegal downloading infringes copyright of the rightful content owners. Legal distribution of film and television programs ensures the health of the entertainment industry and its supporting industries and functions, in addition to the highest quality of the audience’s experience with the content.

Illegal distribution of content has detrimental effects that ripple throughout the entertainment ecosystem. When content is pirated and illegally obtained, there is a significant negative impact on content producers and owners. Any loss of revenue affects their ability and resources to produce new entertainment for audiences to enjoy. Whether piracy takes the form of copied discs, streamed videos, or shared torrent files, these illegal activities have an immense negative impact on the creative industries. With content providers working hard to bring audiences their movies and TV shows across many platforms and media, it is easier than ever to access the entertainment you love directly through a legitimate source.